New Casino Games

There are over 60 developers of online casino software. Therefore it is hardly surprising that new games come out daily. It is impossible for any player to keep track of all these games in real time. That is where we step in. You will get all the information that you need about new casino games at our site. We list below some of the important items.

  • We list the new games as they hit the casinos
  • We tell you which are the best new casinos where you can try these games
  • In case you want to try out the new casino games for free, you will get that information as well
  • We provide a concise summary of the games
  • We will highlight the new features incorporated in the games
  • We indicate the return to player percent for each game

We list below some of the more popular casino games categories we cover.

  • Online slots are by far the most popular games and are covered in more detail over here
  • We list online blackjack games with interesting side bets
  • Roulette games can be spiced up by spinning a number of wheels at the same time
  • There are video poker games with double up features

Top Online Casinos With A Great Selection Of Games

Return to Player Percent Explained

Return to player percent is an important statistic associated with online casino games. It is the amount that players can expect to win in the long run for every $100 wagered. It is based on the mathematics and structure of the games. Whereas in the short run players can and do win amounts greater than their bets, the long run return to player is less than 100%. The indicative return to player percent figures for some games are given below.

  • Blackjack 99.5%
  • Video poker 99.5%
  • European roulette 97.3%
  • Online slots 95%